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Feb. 2017

If you are not getting emails from the club president, please send him your email address: .  

Tuesday Wee Blade parents: the weather has been working against us!  We hate cancelling programming.  Considering we still pay for the ice, we really hate cancelling and leaving your skater disappointed.     

Skate-the-Lake up on Big Rideau was a hoot!  Striders took home many honours including top boy and girl in the 5 km.  If I heard correctly, records were shattered (a Strider took 4 min off the previous ~19 minute record)! In the 5km relay, the first two two teams across the line were also Striders, with  the young guns (“The Relay Good Team”) just edging out us older folks (team name: “I’m with Graham”). That is if you call  ½ a 1km-lap close. The old guys had better costumes (thanks to Zach for making us team shirts!  Please send me your photos!)  Thanks to our friends at Portland Outdoor for running such a great event.  Really enjoyed the snacks, including the “Skate”Tails!  

Meets coming up: Provincial and Master’s championship followed by a regional race close by in Brockville. Check the OSSA website or the white board in the Ball Room for more info.

Skaters: please remember to dry your blades and store them with their guards off!