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Although this is a fairly technical sport, almost anyone with basic skating skills can become quite accomplished in a few sessions with our experienced coaches. Any age is the right age to learn speed skating; we have members from as young as 5 to over 70 and invariably have children and parents/grandparents skating at the same time.  There are, however, certain basic skating abilities that are necessary to participate safely and effectively in the introductory program. These prerequisites are:

Balance Glide on one foot from blue line to red line

Stopping Stop on a whistle from full speed in 5 meters

Speed From a standing start complete one lap in 40 seconds.

Cognition Listen to and then perform a sequence of three instructions


Our motto, “Fun and Fitness for the Entire Family” really says it all.  Ask any of our young skaters (or even their parents) what they like most about speed skating and they’ll tell you it’s the great time they have on and off the ice, whether learning new drills, playing some of the many games designed to reinforce those skills or racing against their friends in “real” races. While speed skating is a competitive sport, it is competition in the best sense; you against the clock or your friends.  There is almost none of the unwelcome pressure faced by youngsters in other winter sports.


Despite the fact that speed skating can be very fast, it is actually a very safe sport.  We at the club do our level best to ensure our skaters’ safety above all else. Our club policy is that the following equipment is mandatory for all speed skating programs and will be provided with your registration fee ($200) for the duration of the intro program:

Helmet – Speed skating helmet

Gloves – cut-resistant

Knee Pads – soft, volleyball style

Neck Guard – hockey style with bib (ballistic nylon or Kevlar)

Shin Pads – hard-shell soccer style

Clothing (not provided) – must have long sleeves and legs (no exposed skin)

Safety glasses – shatterproof eyewear

Skates – oops, nearly forgot those!

Face covering  (not included, please bring your own!)


Runs Tuesdays and Thursdays for 8 on-ice sessions.  To register, see News.  
$200 includes everything (KSSSC/OSSA/SSC fees, rentals). 
If you join for the rest of the season, this amount will be used to reduce full season fees.

Equip. fitting Sept 23 5:30PM (arrival 5:10-5:30PM) 
On ice Sept 28, 2021 6:30PM (arrival 6:10PM)